A fully customizable, all-in-one HR Platform

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Time & Payroll made

Make planning smooth and flexible. Manage all time and payroll information in the same place.
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Your Finances, one click away

Manage and control all expenses together, gather information to better save and invest.

Secure documents and records storage

Digitize, automate and keep all official HR documents safely stored in one place.

Complete, seamless integration

Discover everything we can do for you

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Time tracking

Make informed business decisions and boost productivity based on your team’s performance.

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Shift Management

Manage employee scheduling easily in one simple dashboard.

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Manage agreements, e-signatures, contracts and more in a secure, fast and compliant way.

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Employee Onboarding

Personalize and automate every onboarding process in a fast and simple way.

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Save time, money and resources on tracking expenses to better grow your business.

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Recruitment & Careers

Optimize your recruiting process and build a career page that attracts more candidates.

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Performance Tracking

Create employee performance reviews to gather insights and support employee development.

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Reports and Analytics

Follow your employees' development to make key improvements and decisions when needed

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